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Pls make it impossible to queue wsg/ab if /played is less than few hours.thx
im guessing for the reason u dont want starter geared people in the bg
but then when u have grinded alot of corehounds on your main and ur at goldcap and u make an alt and equipt it with full tier 3 , you would have to afk for hours to be able to join BGs , wich is very inconvenient
not to mention donaters . who can just buy ful; BiS chars , but who'd have to stay logged in for half a day before they can bg

a better solution would be to match epic geared ppl with other epic geared ppl and starters with starters ( based on average item level ) but that might be hard/impossible to implement
because it might be annoying to you to when you are full BiS and u get all starter team , i feel you
but starters have as much right to BG as geared ppl do
and if u cant stand getting teamed with starters , then make a premade and set a minimum gear requirement
for some ppl BGs are serious busines , for others its just casual fun , thats pugs
(11-10-2017, 07:42 PM)m00ns Wrote: Pls make it impossible to queue wsg/ab if /played is less than few hours.thx

This would pretty much kill the influx of new players to the server. They want to be able to test battlegrounds right away.
-1 to this as it would negatively affect the interest that new players have in playing here.

Secondly to that, I don't see why everyone has such an issue with playing as/with a starter.
Gear does not mean you will be better than others. It just makes you a bit more durable in terms of stamina and have a higher damage output, however if you are able to play a class effectively, then the gear that an opposing player has causes very little difference, with a few exceptions obviously.


That feeling when you see a full elements enhancement shaman, without trinkets or rings on your team when you're solo as a healer <3
How about we just get to keep enjoying killing undergeared players with really well geared ones, and people with skill can enjoy killing really well geared players with starter ones.

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