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People intentionally getting other people saved.
This has seriously got to stop, it's getting ridiculous. I've lost my last FOUR Naxx resets and 2 of the last 4 AQ40 resets due to people starting groups (Despite already having a cleared ID), not saying they have a saved ID, filling the group and getting people to "zone in"... only to get the entire group saved, and them leave the group saying "oops i'm saved".

They're doing it intentionally, it's happening way too often for it to be considered accidental anymore. 

For example, the player "Deathwingz" did it today with Naxx, and when messaged asking him why he did it... being told "Lol 'cus u a scrub"... isn#'t really a good enough answer. Especially when you /ignore said players, only to have them message you on endless alts with crap like this...[Image: YZKwK]

You gotta start doing something to stop these people. Banning them outright for repeatedly doing it or something, because right now, it's a complete joke and makes people not want to bother playing your server.
Dealt with.

Thanks for reporting.

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