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Intolerable language
1. Character name: Alistairr
2. Reason: Vile abusive language
3. Proof(Screenshot, video): See attached.

Today I crossed paths with a particular character today playing on an Undead rogue called Alistairr. My first meeting was on my warrior, we were both grouped looking for Naxxramas, when I invited a holy paladin, who shortly left because they had originally grouped with Alistairr and informed me that he was a ninja looter and left the group. I should of took this as a warning, however as I am the kind of person who will make their own judgement based on their own experiences, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Our group quickly disbanded as we couldn't find enough members and left it there. 

Later on in the day, I decide to play Warsong Gulch on my rogue to find Alistairr on the other side in the same battleground. Being a team game, I helped a team mate from being ganked from him. It was then that I received some really disturbing abuse. Following the tips from the wow customer support, I tried to ensure that I did not instigate further harassment and I asked him to calm down but after that is when the language began to escalate. From there I decided to take screenshots but his rant was short lived as I decided not to reply (see screenshots attached). 
As you can see his words are very worrying and I find his abuse is intolerable. I wouldn't wish my worst enemy to experience anything in life that tragic, let alone to be abused in such a way. Soon after he was placed on my ignore list and a ticket was created which was dealt with promptly and professionally by a game master.

Not only did he whisper myself, but also other players in my team in Warsong Gulch who also reported that they were also on the same end of such abuse. 

Following this incident, I reported this to the moderator of my guild 'The Good Life Society' (we were in the same guild), who also confirmed that other players had spoken to him about Alistairr's behaviour. 

I think the server is fantastic and doing a great job to build it up. I have been enjoying my time playing on this server and would happily promote it to anyone however it would be a great shame to see the reputation and work gone into it ruined by a select few people who can lower the experience for the majority. 

I know that this server has a strict policy and I am sure that the correct action will be taken to prevent players such as these from continuing to play on this server. As this is not a one off and has not happened only once by multiple times to multiple persons, I feel like this is a behavior problem that will mostly like not change.

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Report accepted.

Closed thread.

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