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Full Version: Hello Im DanIsTheMan :)
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Hi their ok so im danistheman I have played warcraft 2 but then i stopped playing it then i started playing world of warcraft but i was intrested in wow vannilla So now i am here playing retro wow right now im installing it and im just wondering What is the population of this vanilla server? anyway i hope to meet lots of good people
Greetings DanIsTheMan,

I first started on Warcraft II back in like 1999 when my uncle gave me all his old PC games. That eventually got me playing WC3, into WoW and here I am today.

The active population here is in the hundreds, I'm not sure the exact figure, I mostly play at night in the eastern time zone, so perhaps other times of the day are more active.

If you have never played vanilla before I'd recommend doing some research. Find a guide on how to play a particular class. Or take some time learning various classes. Maybe start with the Solo quests, the Dews are pretty easy to kill - find the quest teleporter at the mall. But for sure get the basics down before attempting to raid or do PvP, otherwise: 
  • "You're gonna have a bad time" ~ Ski Instructor.

I'd say get your feet wet a bit and come back to the forums with more direct questions, if I see a thread I usually respond to it. 

Since you're brand new, here's some basic facts about the server:
  • Everything is cross-faction. BGs, raids, it doesn't matter if you are horde or alliance, you can group up together and BGs randomly assign you to either side. 
  • Almost every epic is purchasable via gold. This allows the player to gear in various ways. If you so wish you do not have to step into an instance, but I encourage you to attempt raiding when you feel that you are ready.  
  • Raids are 5-Man. The raids are balanced for the 5-man environment, however raids have to be taken seriously. Most of the vanilla mechanics work, they have been adjusted, but they still exist. There are plenty of guides available online about various boss mechanics, however they may not react the exact same way in the adjusted 5 man version. Regardless, this is a good place to start. 
  • Battlegrounds are active, WSG being the most popular BG. AV is 20v20 here and has started gaining steam. AB is probably the least run BG, not exactly sure why, perhaps due to the way AB works (guarding nodes can be boring I suppose). 
  • Battlegrounds yield two things, marks and PvP tokens. Marks work the same as they did before, you get one mark if you lose the BG and three marks if you win. Marks can be exchanged for gold after completing the PvP attunement quest. A PvP token is rewarded for every honourable kill you participate in. The PvP attunement requires 100 PvP tokens, afterwards you can turn in Marks for gold. For more specific PvP questions, make a post in the appropriate sub-forum. 
  • Vote for the server, you can exchange vote points for BWL/MC level epics and flasks. Titan flasks are very popular among PvPers and will sell rather quickly.
  • If you plan on staying for awhile, professions are a great way to make gold. 
  • When in game, type /join world - this is the global chat for the server. 
Like I said above, get your feet wet and ask questions on the forums if you are unsure. 

You can catch me in game by typing /who Felt.

Good luck!
  Feltyham (TEAM CANADA)