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Full Version: Ban Appeal
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One of your characters from the banned account: Bustdown
Ban Reason: Multiboxing
Information about your ban: I was banned for multiboxing, instead of lying or attempting to cover it up, I admit and take full responsibility for what I did, I was using two accounts in AV for double the marks, but didn't get far before getting rightfully banned. I understand multiboxing is against ToS, I have read the rules multiple times since my ban, and apologize for what I've done. 
Additional Information: I have been a retro-wow member since 2017, and have loved the server since I started, I feel terribly guilty for what I've done and do not want to lose my account over it. I have not had a single problem with ToS since I've made my account, and am asking for another chance. I can assure this will never happen again. My reasoning was that I'm a very busy person irl, and don't have much time to really grind out wsg/quests for gear, so I wanted to take the easy way out, however I understand that it was unacceptable, and wont be doing it again. I really do not want to lose my account over one stupid mistake I made, and promise to play the game and gear legit, rather than cheating my way there. I am not asking the alt account be unbanned, only my main, I have traded nothing over to my main thus far, the alt was banned with everything on it, so if I were to be unbanned, i'd be gaining nothing but a lesson. Is there any chance of my ban being reconsidered?

When you get banned for multiboxing, we can maybe unban one of the accounts, but when you multibox inside battlegrounds, that a double offense, and in that case, we can't do much.

Closed thread.