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Ban Appeal - Luizregelt - 07-13-2019

Dear Staff,

excuse me for my bad english.

One of your characters from the banned account: Luizregelt

Ban Reason: Illegal Goldbuy

Information about your ban:

I just did it because i was not used to how things work here on this server and i did not pay attention to the rules.
Now i know and i want to apologize for not respecting the time and sweat you put in this Project.
If you could lift my ban i would really appreciate it.



Additional Information:

An irl friend of mine told me about this Server and i tryd it.
I just want to have a good time with him like 14 years ago in classic, we are still Friends.
It is very fun to play the old times, even with 5 man. 
We used to raid german 1 and later World 1 in Pulse and Method back in 2012/13 MoP, but we aint have the time to go on like this.

It is Saturday, 1pm in Germany and we just wanted to go for TF Binding Sad

RE: Ban Appeal - Ossirian - 07-13-2019


Ban appeal declined.

Closed thread.