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Dont raid with Redale - snicker - 09-11-2019

Hes a ninja looter who took gear when everyone was taking 5min breaks in AQ40 hoping no one would noticed... he asked for group loot before everyone was afk then took a few epic loot from AQ40 and played as tank wiping group 5+ times on the first 3 bosses.

proof -

RE: Dont raid with Redale - bigfanguy - 09-11-2019

a few epic loot? he opened a chest with a key and opened the bag this is laughable

RE: Dont raid with Redale - Calibri - 09-18-2019

I am not familiar with the name but will be on the lookout.

RE: Dont raid with Redale - Daloot420 - 09-18-2019

Are you just mad at him cause he took your scarab? don't get mad at someone who had the key. this is laughable