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Fun times - Venkolm - 02-04-2020

Guys and girls! This will be the place for all of us to share our funny moments, because laugh is healthy, and health is life! Smile

I will start by giving examples, with moments i remember:

In a raid to MC, where there were a father tank and his daughter dps. We kill Ragnaros. Choker drops. Daughter:
Choke me, daddy!
Father: ???
Raiding with Dhamar, the PvE Ele shammy. Pala healer: Yea, you might be geared, but i watch you oom in 2 minutes. Mage is gonna show you how its done on Patchwerk now!
After 2 minutes, Mage: Shaman, have Mana Tide?
Mage was oom. Paladin: what server is this???
At Heigan - all four melees: pala, know dance? Pala: kinda.
Tank: kinda is not enough, but ok, we try one time.
Dance time, all four melees die. Melees:
Can we ignore what just happened? 
Dhamar again, Hunter is raid lead, yells:
Why did you pull this one mob? I want to kick you tbh.
At Mandokir, Hunter somehow manages to pull 3 raptors during boss fight.
Dhamar: Kick me, after you kick yourself.
BWL, at Flamegor after two wipes. Boss at 50%. Mage Easytodps says:
Going good!
just 5 seconds before complete disaster, where someone gets aggro and whole raid dies in a matter of seconds.
Tank: Never, ever, say we are doing good!
Naxx, Patch fight starts. Shaman healer tells Warlock to open fire. Warlock uses trinket, pops something else and casts Soulfire. Crits. Takes aggro, whole raid dies.
Shaman: You are taking it too literally.
In Hyjal, pro warrior introduces his friend to warriors class. His friend excited, after putting blues on his char.
Pro: this is the class men play!
His friend: Alright! Now teach me how to MAN!
Grisu at Patchwerk: Alright, Dha, you do some dps, but also help priest to heal tank, he undergeared, got it? the DPS, i got it covered!
Patch enrages, tank forgets about shield wall, dies. Rogue knows about Evasion and hold some time, but dies. Grisu oneshotted. Dhamar somehow finishes the boss, right before it hits her. Healer:
Alright, i am going to the WC, because i think i just sh!t myself!
Weird discussion, while distributing loot on Twins in AQ40.
Guy: Ya know, their last words while dying remind me of how i once crotched a branch, while climbing a tree and my friend yelled:
Brother, i feel your pain!
In Illuminati guild, some guy the other day:
- Well, this server became boring and this guild... nothing special about it, you know?
Next day when he logs and finds out there are two females in guild:
- Woah, we actually have girls in guild? This guild is great!
...everyone secretly facepalm...

Your turn! Smile

WSG is about to start. Warlock: click, for summon!
8 of the players are sent to Karazhan.
Warlock: Perhaps, sometimes i am taking it too far...
Doing Azuregos, 35man. For unkown to anyone reason, the Dragon start turning around like crazy and attacking people randomly. Raid warning appears:
Tank is dead, if you haven't noticed.

RE: Fun times - CtrlAltDel - 02-04-2020

"Kick me, after you kick yourself".. hehehe >.<

RE: Fun times - martinnez11 - 05-04-2020

Esta bastante difícil poder decir eso hoy con todo lo que estamos pasando, mas allá de todo eso yo soy uno de los que piensa que en medio de todo lo malo siempre podemos llegar a resaltar las cosas buenas así que, hagamos eso. Diremos que son tiempos excelentes.

RE: Fun times - Raweth - 05-04-2020

I love the stories with dhamar, you go girl!?

RE: Fun times - walenkryx - 05-04-2020

more of these <3