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ban - panaos1 - 03-25-2020

One of your characters from the banned account: Hellmaster
Ban Reason: [b]GB/GS[/b]
Information about your ban: 
      Hello GameMaster,
i got banned 7 months ago, the truth is that except my donation from the illegal page i donated from original page too (you can check if you want).
So after i got banned i tried to get my account back, after the vanilla wow came again i tried to play a lit of bit because i missed retro-wow and i saw that i was not had time to play retail wow. So I am writing this message to you and i want to tell you if you can unban me,  I really missed that game and I need to much to give me one more chance

RE: ban - Ossirian - 03-25-2020


Ban appeal declined.

Closed thread.