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Avturtlegodx aka Thelm ake Trtle - Qinkyy - 05-01-2020

1. Character name: Avturtlegodx, Thelm, Trtle?
2. Reason: Rule 9, Rule 13
3. Proof(Screenshot, video):

Avturtlegodx intentionally wiping his own team by pulling all marshalls and iceblocking right next to all other players, do cleave them all. He claims that he is just pulling for the tanks, but we all know what his plan really is..

He also whispered me that he is Trtle, who was banned for speedhacking. And the wawy he acts is just the same, as Trtle's. Probably he is using some VPN, but the player stays the same...
Please GMs, finally ban this toxic kind of player, we can't really let this kind of player annoy everyone any longer..
He basically also claims on /1 that he wants to annoy ppl and that he is an "asshole" (Screenshot)

RE: Avturtlegodx aka Thelm ake Trtle - Ossirian - 05-02-2020


Those screenshots proove nothing.

Closed thread.