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was fun while it lasted - johnygt7 - 05-01-2020

Big thanks to Autoandafk, Swm,zulkran,Xanthia,epicsauce Klassk kfccaliswag and Nightflower for the awesome memories created here.
Time has come for Thelm to go. Past few weeks was way too much for me to handle.The moment i log in  i get trash on whisps till the moment i logout. Came down to a point where peeps actually make stupid forum acc's with stupid names to comment on reports tryinghard to convince that they are "me" and get me banned.

Can't help it.

Defending AV impassionately, they say you don't care
Doing nothing, they say you ignore
going attack, you incite trolls
Posting fluff, you say nonsense.
Post with facts you have, they whittle down with rationale.
There is no win.
There is only slow degradation.

Take note. It'll be the first and only time you'll see someone in my position make that position.
You can be me when i'm gone.

RE: was fun while it lasted - Qinkyy - 05-01-2020

Quote:Posting fluff, you say nonsense.

Speaking for the whole server:

we are happy

RE: was fun while it lasted - ParaWM2 - 05-03-2020

So was this another cry for attention? You're still online.....

RE: was fun while it lasted - CtrlAltDel - 05-03-2020


RE: was fun while it lasted - bambuslol - 05-03-2020

And still postin in other thread's -.-