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PVE EVEEEEEENT 40 man - ivewow - 09-25-2020

THIS WEEKEND, (Or other high CCU/Population time)
I'm planning to gather people to RAID the impossible dragon boss YSONDRE!  Exclamation

If you want to join/are interested, pls respond to this thread.

So I'm planning gather enough ppl so we can finally kill the dragon.
We need several tanks with 15k+ HP DruidsPaladinsWarriors

We need all kind of healers, main tank healers, Starters welcome!

We need all kind of dps, Starters welcome!

  • Where? - Take questporter to "dew" then run from there. We gather in hijal.
  • When - i have a small child i cant plan like that, but i annonce in main chat. if enough ppl help me organize, we can set a time.
  • Requiremetns- we need all, but we must have max hp tank and 10 healers or we will wipe. some dps also.
  • Who will invite - most likely Kaoze, human main tank healer paladin.

If GMS wants to help, that would be great, since sometimes when wiping the boss completely sleeps everyone and they get stuck.
We need all kind of dps, Starters welcome!
Kaoze will be hosting and healing.

RE: PVE EVEEEEEENT 40 man - Dovlatov - 09-28-2020

I can help with that. BIS tank/dd warrior. Feel free to whisper me in game.

I think that we should test one thing before getting 40 people.

We should take full world buffed bis tank and about 3-5 bis hpalas. If the warrior survives for more that 5 seconds there is a chance that we can kill this dragon with full raid.

RE: PVE EVEEEEEENT 40 man - ivewow - 09-28-2020

Nice man!!! yeah i tried to gather some healers on my tank(who is not bis but good geared) but hard to get ppl online at the same time.. What is your character's names?

Best/ I

paradex and paradix is also in it.

RE: PVE EVEEEEEENT 40 man - Dovlatov - 09-28-2020


RE: PVE EVEEEEEENT 40 man - Lannerback - 09-29-2020

Nice idea, I'm up for every PVE task Smile

Small child here too, so "When" is hardest part for me to plan as you surely know Wink

I've been here for a year and (when population was higher) I remember for sure some dragon's kill like Azuregos and maybe Emeriss (@duskwood). I've done Ysondre on classic in old vanilla time and was the easiest of four Dragons of Nightmare. Just need some nature res and coordination. Here the encounters are slightly different so I can't tell how it works.

Besides notes for tank: You can get 14k+HP in fullT3 set +worldbuffs and consumables, but this means low dps tank (usually about 250-300dps), low aggro, dps can't push all their power (if bis and fullbuffed too) and can be a long fight.
I prefer less hp (10K hp usually are enough for all bosses in game) but furyprot spec and mixed equip for huge aggro and more dps as tank. But Ysondre here is a question mark for me, so maybe must be done some try with alts to know how it exactly works.

Capa here, all roles bis char (3xtanks) and usually fullbuffed Smile

RE: PVE EVEEEEEENT 40 man - Dovlatov - 09-29-2020

Unfortunately, Dragons of Nightmare oneshot tanks with 10k hp.

RE: PVE EVEEEEEENT 40 man - Lannerback - 09-29-2020

LOL! Just done now a try with my mage:

Ysondre hits you for 29207


RE: PVE EVEEEEEENT 40 man - ParaWM2 - 09-29-2020

Yea, deffinately up with warri or Pala (or anything else). Paradex/Paradix, hope I'm online when we go for it, if we dont plan a set time. Is a bear a bad idea? I think they can get slightly more HP and have a bit more armor?

RE: PVE EVEEEEEENT 40 man - Dovlatov - 09-29-2020

We can also try a bear.
We can take bis war tank, bis bear tank. And a bunch of bis hpals. Just for the test.

If we will gather 40 ppl without testing and wipe, it will be difficult to get them once again.

Also we should prepare 1 Heart of Hakkar.
TItan's flasks (I have)
Zanza stam potion (I have)
Stam food.
Songflower (I have)

RE: PVE EVEEEEEENT 40 man - Dovlatov - 09-29-2020

Report time.

We made a small test with Para and one dragon of Nightmare.

Here is the setup: prot war and paladin.

Screenshot with buffs ( Yeah, I know, not all of them.

1) I started the fight with turning the shield wall on.
2) Got crushing damage 4.8 k damage ( As the SW was turned on, this is 1/4 of the real crushing hit I guess.
3) I died after normal hit 11.4 k damage (
4) And when the fight was over I understood that I was not defcapped.( Forgot to change riding set Big Grin

As far as I remember, when I tried these bosses before, I got crushing hits on me even when defcapped.

There is still a chance that we can deal with that boss.
We still need to get bis full buffed prot warrior (buffed better than me on the screenshot) and bis full buffed bear (i saw a bear can buff up to 20k hp)  and a bunch of hpalas.  The sad thing is that 20k hp druid will eat all the crushing blows. 

Also, the funny thing is that he has 5495k hp and according to databases he should have about 830k.

Ossirian, if you see this post, your comment about Taerar having so much HP and damage would be appreciated. Thank you.