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New Horde Guild - Mike9078 - 12-28-2015

Hello, mike here from Canada (PST).Ive been thinking lately about creating a new progression raiding guild. I have not pin-pointed a name yet but that will come. Im probably going to be maining a mage, so will be seeking warlock(s), healer(s),tank(s)-(warrior) and probably a fury warrior(s) to fill our core. Will be starting with a tightly knit guild with a 5 or so man core. Comment if your interested and are in a similiar time zone. Raid times not determined yet. Goodluck Retro Smile

RE: New Horde Guild - Oprawinfury - 12-29-2015

Hello Mike. Jim here. Nice ice fishing we've been having lately, eh? How about maple syrup, eh? Cops on horses, eh?

Welcome, Mike. Be careful who you pick, will take time to find the right people in all likelihood. Keep trying, I think we need some more people farming Naxx (since D1 are too boring to farm in WSG).

RE: New Horde Guild - Rockyboy - 12-29-2015

I'm EST, usually play around 7-11pm est

RE: New Horde Guild - Mike9078 - 12-29-2015

coolSmile Btw ingame names will help, i shouldve mentioned that before!

RE: New Horde Guild - Oprawinfury - 12-29-2015

My in-game is the same as on-screen.

RE: New Horde Guild - Mike9078 - 12-29-2015

but you aint joining the guild Wink btw canada is cold lately eh, so much snow i can barely ride my polar bear to work...

RE: New Horde Guild - Lavz - 12-29-2015

this guy gets it

RE: New Horde Guild - Oprawinfury - 12-30-2015

No I am not. Nor can I commit to Naxx every night D:
But that's good to hear, eh.

RE: New Horde Guild - Minddecay - 01-27-2016

Hello Mike, Curtis here from BC, Canada. I'd be down definitely for raiding. I'm getting a little bored of PvP. I have a decently geared warlock and can put out some pretty high DPS. Cannot always commit to raiding I have my daughter on the weekends and a pretty demanding career on the go but can always sub in if I'm around and it is needed. I'm usually on and off between 5:00pm and 12:00am (PST) but can be on continuously through that time.

RE: New Horde Guild - Yellow - 02-05-2016

I'd be interested in joining got a pretty much BiS enha shaman (need chest from naxx,although my current one I'm pretty happy with). And a full BiS feral tank. Thinking on making a hunter alt though.

I am EU however so dunno how our times would work, I did play with a Canadian before when I was grinding it out on Destiny and it worked fine.