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Looking for Guild - jolts - 03-12-2016


Im a swedish player who rolled on this server a couple of days ago. Im very flexible with times if it comes to raiding. 
Looking to find a guild who has done content before and who is a friendly bunch. I cleared Naxx/AQ40 in Vanilla and played WoW 2005-2008 so i know my stuff. My ingame name is: jolts and im a Ele/Resto shaman. 

I would like to do some 5man raids and PVP.

Looking for Guild - Fariaser - 10-17-2019

70/168 whisperer, fairly active... looking for a friendly active guild, i would like to run this game in a friendly and teamworkingly way to make the best of the game and of course...beating yall eventually
got trophies and time to give