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I have every class and all specs (apart from enh, kitty and tank pala) BiS, so can bring anything that is needed. I can also provide the tanks with some Dirge 25stam food, got plenty. Dont have all potions and elixirs though. I'll let you update the spreadsheet Ivewow, dont want to mess it up Smile

Maybe add people's location and/or set a time for a first feasibility check with like 5-8 people? Might be hard if we have US, EU and Asia people Smile. I'm from Holland (EU), and usually available 19.00-22.00 CET on weekdays. Weekend more flexible.
Sunday 20:10 server time
We meet at hyjal and organize groups. Must inv some dps also so I need help with that.
So my druid has already got 15.6K armor (74% reduction) unbuffed. More or less BiS gear, but there is some flexibility for which items to use I think. Gonna see this week if I can get more HP. Crits and crushings will be scary, but you can calculate with 75% reduction cap for sure.

We need better preparation as we all agreed for sure. Didnt have ZG buff, warchief, DM or any worldbuff actually. Just songflower and omen and consumables. Lets test this week with 2 tanks and 8 healers, see if we can stay alive.
To much for leader -
Yeah, its was a bit my fualt but also it falls a bit to much responsibility for me to handle invites for raid, groups and world buffs at the same time, only 1/5 of everyone who signed up was there so i had to spend time finding healers/dps and i did pop onyxia in orgirammar but it was just to much, i had to keep ppl happpy also saying in the raid, not logging out or things like that. Stil lhappy like 2 ppl only left after wipe, people where very resiliant. perhaps we can find a way to break the sleep also.

Smaller Raid-
With less people in raid initially it will be easyer to controll also. since the raid damage taken totally lost my focus healing the maintank. We probably need 1 shaman chain healing the healers and tank.  I did not calculate this as an issue as i never seen the dragon cast spells when i tested.

- Preparation
Good suggestion Giantbull. We should prepare a core group that run the zg and DM. group 1 and 2 should be dedicated.
I do still think we need 10 healers or they will get oom.

Also people must stop using blaot buffs that removes kings, shamans also must put right totems.
We still need 1 shaman that dont think tis boring to constantly keep armor buff 25% up, it can be me honestly, but they i cant be doing much on kaoze.

I suggest 1 small dedicated dps group tough, like rogues with windfury. only bs ppl and with 1 reto shaman only focusing healing the dps in his group. We need order in the raid like real raiding, it got a bit casual and we need clear responsibilities at least.

Feel free to update the google sheet and we put in responsibilities and things like that.

- Next try
i will update the doc , put a new planing time.
change the order and make the documentation easyer to understand.

Who is up for testing the boss at this Sunday 19:00 server time?

It won't take long - about 30-40 minutes.

We need: 

a) 8-10 paladins (bis, but if you're not bis, you can also come, if you have other healing class - feel free to join too)

b) druid tank (bis)

c) elemental shaman with high crit.

d) warlock (gear doesn't matter)

e) priest (gear doesn't matter)


You have to be in discord (you don't need micro, you just need to listen what am I saying).

What we are going to test.


We will have 2 pulls - one with max buffed warrior tank, another one with max buffed druid tank.

If we survive long enough - that'd mean we can do this boss in a 40 man.

If you want to participate - join our discord and contact me there.

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