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Adding Corrupted Songflower in Hyjal Mall
Add 10 or X number of "Corrupted Songflower" in Hyjal Mall, specifically around the newly added Queen of Azshara statue. 

Reason for request:
Cleansing Corrupted Songflower gives a nice raid buff, similar to DMF buff. It would be convenient to have this buff more easily available

Rationale for request:
GMs put Sayge directly in Hyjal Mall and eliminated any inconvenience getting the buff, I would see this suggestion as similar.

What I am NOT requesting:
Make people have to do the quest chain
Still make people pay the reagent cost (i.e. the need to still visit Felwood separately)

Concluding remarks:
Still make people put in the pre-work to get the quest and an assortment of reagents when needed. But allow the buff to be more easily used than requiring a TP and flight path while also decorating the unused part of Hyjal Mall.

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