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Remove Graccu's Mince Meat Fruitcake
(03-27-2019, 03:26 PM)kfcrampage Wrote: I thought a little about this....It would be realistic to remove the food if Flasks and Zanza and ZG buffs weren't so readily available, but when my PVP characters have those buffs and around 8k+ hp I would hate to sit there with any regular food. Jesus how long would that take to get full hp every single time I eat?? Hard pass, leave it in the game.

Yeah it's a double-edged sword because obviously the food becomes super powerful in PvP the more HP you have (LoS for a second, get like 1-2k HP back, versus a character with 4K total health gets half the healing).  

But, certain design decisions affect everyone in different ways. For example, warlocks here can purchase Soul Shards for free, which enables them to use all the Soul Shard moves on demand without having to drain-souls or farm shards prior to the battle. The developers didn't want warlocks to have to farm shards to reach their full potential. 

This is a server where many conveniences are provided - it was deemed that all players get the food - so inherently that's balanced - the only difference is - the more HP you have, the better the food. The main takeaway is, for PvE'rs, at Naxx level raids if they had to deal with normal food - the runs would slog on. 

I don't see them removing it (I like that it exists, I gain a massive benefit from it), but there are decent points to why there's a balance concern with it. If they removed it, I would adapt my play-style, otherwise I will continue to use it.

However, due to all the possible angles, removing the food also would have an adverse impact on the enjoyment of the server. I think more players would dislike the removal - despite balance concerns. 

We could ramble on about any item provided to us.
"Any day above ground is a good day" ~ Leslie Feltham (Poppy)

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