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[EU-PvE/PvP] <MONSTERS> [Horde] Classic
**[EU-PvE/PvP] <MONSTERS> [Horde] are currently recruiting for social enthusiasts for the upcoming Classic WoW launch which is coming soon.**

**About Us:**
- We are a PvE, PvP and social guild, striving for fun and social interaction.
- Our main goal is to progress through raid content with a hardcore mindset.
- We will also encourage Dungeons, Group levelling, PvP massively and possibly some role-playing. 

**What We Provide: **
- Dungeon, Levelling and PvP Pre-mades.
- Serious and efficient raid environment with great fun along the way. 
- A social and fun environment which shares a strong and friendly community.
- We share knowledge about classes, stats, PvP and other Classic WoW information.
- A nice and fun raiding environment, led by an experienced raid-leader with leading PvE raids. 

**What Are We looking For:** 
- Exceptional and stable players with high availability to join our 40man raid roster.
- A person who understands that his/her performance, attendance and attitude directly reflects their importance.
- Dedicated and friendly enthusiastic players, a person that is willing to help other people around, someone you can really rely on. 

Note: Applications will be mandatory to enter the guild's raid-roster.

**Raiding Information:** 
- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  19.00 - 23.00. BST (British Summer Time)
- Loot will be handled via Loot Council.
- Raiding with full guild raid, having consumables, pre-BiS gear, enchants, world buffs, required addons, key-bindings and macros as-well.
*We are currently recruiting players who are able to prove their dedication to their class, helping out other people and players that want an awesome Classic WoW experience -

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