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<Rogues Take Zero Skill> Wants YOU!

Whisper Carpentèr for a Ginvite when you see me online;

We're recruiting players with brains, players with gear, players without gear! Just know your class, just know what you're doing!

Remember; Children and Assholes need not apply! 

Want to PvP? Good we support that.

Down to PvE? Good, we support that too!


Rogues Take Zero Skill does not hold responsibility for noobs, plebs, rats, dogs, or any other form of new player being accosted, gkicked, or flamed in guild chat for being inferior or for dying on a boss fight. Any and all flaming is agree'd upon by joining RTZS

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<Rogues Take Zero Skill> Wants YOU! - by modnar - 08-09-2016, 11:36 PM

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