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Fix hacker problem before this server is dead
im sure this thread will be deleted, but every fucking wsg has a hacker
What is the hacker doing?
We will push a fix for MC asap
I usually don't post on the forums but I've played here for a bit now and the hacker problem is real. It's gotten to the point were people (including myself) don't even bother reporting him/her anymore. Maybe it's the timezone but whenever I try to play wsg there's always this hacker ruining it so I've more or less stopped playing.
I've never experienced hackers at all in my time playing which has been since very early 2015
Thanks for responding Kelzo. MC is one of the problems. But also wall climbing, flying, going under ground. The hacker takes the flag and then goes some where and cannot be targeted.
MC Hackers will get banned from now (after the next restart in 20mins).
(08-07-2017, 08:36 PM)gullemzz Wrote: any eta on new core...?

nEw corEe
Solution is to very discreetly use the same hack, kill the efc and then go back to normal play, if u get banned make an appeal or I guess record a small vid of u doing this deed as proof
[Image: 7e7158c559648af92b00b4de425a4b2f.jpg]
We are checking the game for hackers, but you need to help us aswell by opening a ticket so we can check it out. There are players that will only talk about it in world channel, and wont report anyone after that.

We will search for new solutions.
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