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About World Chat

Suggesting that you might remove toxic, unprofessional players that are cursing in the world chat and writing stupid things. Thats really annoying watching every day. Writing a lot of things that does nothing to Wow Retro to do.

Please, there are people who appriciate this server a lot but too many are killing it.

Thank you

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You can always leave the channel if you get offended by every little word said. Either that or read it and move on with your life. It’s not worth getting upset over.
go turn profanity filter back on my friend
You have the option to both leave the channel and activate the profanity filter, and I mean no offense.

You can read the rules and point out when someone is breaking them but I don't think it is a good idea to have someone judge and decide when someone say something if it's either good or bad.

Everyone is subject to their own bias and subtle things like misunderstanding the context in which some things are said can lead to unnecessary punishments and trouble.

If you have any suggestions to add new rules regarding world chat, you can be more specific and let everyone see if your idea is any good.

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