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Pre Raid BiS armor vendors!
It is something small, but can we have vendors that are class specific with all of the pre raid bis armor for each of their specialization? I think it would help with overall group comps and starter’s damage! I know we already have the blue gear vendors, but most of that gear is not viable for pve raid content or pvp. 

These vendors should include quest items (ie. Stalwart Clutch) so that each class can get their armor and head into retro wow content fully ready for their encounters! What do you guys think, in my opinion it would be a lot less clutter and confusion for gear, and may encourage more people to get out of D1 sets!  Tongue
People should stop continuously asking for new ways to make everything easier and more starter-friendly. There are boundaries to how much help that actually benefit the players. People should be able to think for themselves. If one does not realize that D1 sets aren't pre-raid BiS, then they obviously aren't putting enough effort into the game. I'm actually rather satisfied that I'm able to quite accurately distinguish between this player and the one who does make an effort. Sounds harsh, but we all know how tiresome it is to play with people who just runs around like a headless chicken.

Besides that, you can get 95% of the rare BiS gear for both PvP and PvE from the vendors, so I don't get your remark on this.

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