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Type + in world chat at peak time
I know in your little head of yours, what’s happening right now.

´But sunqt, how on earth does writting + in world chat can provide me with a world buff ?´
Well my friend, it’s fairly simple.
A gm will magically port you in that awesome area, a place jealously kept hidden by the old (gods) vanilla developpers. A hidden place in Azhara crater. A dark and strange area where death and light are constantly fighting together.
That is where on top of a huge and complex (no that complex) stair, an old and patient npc is waiting to give you the world buff of your dream.

´But sunqt, isn’t that area too good to be true ?´
Yes and no, here are the reasons why.
The npc is only there at peak time, for the simple reason that another npc that allows you to make this place your inn is in that area. So anyone at some point could hearstone in azhara, climb the stairs and go back to hyjal with the wbuff.
Also at peak time, don’t expect to climb the stair without people trying to take you down, snare and cc you.
Casters will try and shoot you with deatcoil and frostbolts, blizzard the stairs making the climb near impossible.

You can imagine that this place is a pure pvp area.
4 sprint buff like in warsong gulch are there, aswell as zerg buffs and health; making this area a complete chaos, where only the stong survive.
Watching your back and knowing who and when to engage a fight are the definitly the skills required here.
Azhara crater is wild and untaimed, and it will be your job to control it (as much as you can).

Spirit ghosts are spawn allowing you to rez very quickly.
You earn a pvp token after a kill and soon 15 gold aswell.
To avoid ganking, a 3 men group limitation will be probably made.

So yea, when you see the gm Bam offering port to ´Azhara crater’, write + in world chat guys.
What a fucking queer thing to type.

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