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Will Paladins Be Fixed?
ive tried pally on ptr and even with bis the damage is pretty disappointing. obviously in bg you can push it with berserking and more buffs etc, but i guess it's true that this is simply the reality of ret.

also, consecration is meant to scale with attack power, and it does that perfectly on retro atm, but sadly not on the PTR.
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CrYyyYYyYYYyYYyyY ret was never viable CryyRYYYRYRYyryryy
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(01-26-2018, 01:39 PM)Teschianto Wrote: Paladin is bugged and the reason why i have stop play this server(and the token system who create only middle farmers)
Is almost fine on ptr(still some bugs) but seems they dont care to fix bugs.

I have a lot of stats to show you(sor is super bugged, for example)but i will talk only privately t who want to hear things, this forum is not moderated by anyone and it is really spammed and toxic(unfortunately)
Aniway i m ptr tester certified here(i was) and i have tried every weapon ingame(ashbringer and all eng stuff too and also mace of ragnaros, i have some special privilegies there)
Unfortunately seems they dont care to fix bugs( charge of warrior?try to charge inside house of wsg and hf)

Hope the best for this server but...

Too many bugs and too many people simply doesnt care.

We cant even make a proper talk or discussion that some one start to spam something random(2000 century players..the future..sigh)

Instead of talking and complaining on the forum 24/7 why don't you go to the PTR server and test stuff and if you find any bug post it to the bug report site

If you think paladins are bugged here get real a prove from blizzard website about the spells you talking about and then take a ss from PTR with your test results and if the server staff find it as valid bug then they will fix it.

Instead of bitching about that stuff not getting fixed, go and report the bugs where they should be reported at, because this isn't the right place to post bugs. Post the bugs where they are supposed to be posted at, and trust me they will get fixed.


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