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I wouldn't use that for pve either. Tongue

Rogue's is much closer to mine.
Magic! Both rooda chars from same acc
[Image: CmwHZDR.jpg]
the devil carries

[Image: hbS8YFx.jpg]
[Image: HKw7juH.jpg]

Sleeping with the gnomes Smile

[Image: 2POUEDN.jpg]

...Is that ... supposed to be a broken elevator ? Big Grin
Redriding hood, seamless crimson
"Five years since the last war...

Tens of thousands of lives were lost and for what? The threat was never fully extinguished.

And so the Lich King stirs once more... His yes-man, Kel'Thuzad, amassing for another attack upon our lands.

We will not allow it! Prove your dedication. Prove that you are willing to risk life and limb to stop this madness and the combined might of the Dawn and the Crusade will be at your beck and call.

Enter Naxxramas and destroy the Scourge within..."

So Commander Eligor requested of us, so most bid him farewell "Are you mad ?!! You want us to enter the big floating city of death in the sky up there for some weaklings who couldn't defend themselves ?!"

Yes, so was my first and foremost thought yet ...

[Image: VuTqTW6.jpg]

Yet the most unexpected happened, two brave, brave (that contradiction) rogues , Illidan and Piston of the Alliance regiment (Horde be damned) set out on this righteous endeavor, defenseless, no such thing as defense the rogues knew only shadows eternal, and the shades took out the Scourge within one, by , one. Let this be an example for adventurers all around Azeroth, for if characters free from constraints and conscience can take upon themselves to vanquish the evil ... Then what are you, dear reader, doing ? Well you should know that evil is born from abuse of free will, and there is no one out there that will take this away from you ... but the Scourge and Burning Legion.
Redriding hood, seamless crimson

I am not against premading, but on this server premading isn't for competetive and interesting games. it's mere purpose is farming, like pve faggots.

this doesn't stimulate pvp whatsoever, it kills que's. remove premading because of these kind of games. (no capping just gy farming)

and the possibility the one with the 50 deaths is an alt is pretty high too. (alt farm ban riot)
Although I premade from time to time because I don't have that much time to play and want to have the highest chance of marks per game - I support the idea to remove premade queing Smile Random que = fun mixed bgs with a higher chance of even games
1. Wrong area to whine about pvp premades.
2. If you don't like it, don't pvp in WoW because premades exist anywhere where the GOOD players don't want to play alongside idiots who don't listen. I would never premade if the skill level of this server was at mine.
Hunter taming Druid[Image: 2CnyPI6.jpg]
[Image: tGbw9oG.jpg]

Hyjal dance party's 'r always fun Smile

[Image: 6OC6zBm.jpg]


Until someone gets high, commits mass murder then suicide :O

[Image: qCCriuR.jpg]
Redriding hood, seamless crimson

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