Poll: What should (n't) be added?
More BG buffs! (1 or 2 berserkers is not enough!)
Less BG buffs! (People camping the leaf make the fight a joke!)
Customize it different every week
More Fish!
More Ore Deposits!
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[POLL] Azshara Crater Arena
Greetings, players!

After opening the arena to all players I have decided to ask you how it should be customized.
In your post you should suggest what should or shouldn't be added.

Do please remember that I will not add increasingly custom things in a short manner.

Your feedback is appreciated!
    GM BAM
Hey, the custom arena is fine the way it is but if you add random stuff each week it can be better ^^

Easy access to world buffs.
(01-29-2018, 08:32 AM)Blazeretrowow Wrote: Easy access to world buffs.

Prob ez to exploit for raids if he does that...

No different than me getting them via traditional methods and leaving my chars logged off for months until I have a good group to power through Wink
(01-29-2018, 08:32 AM)Blazeretrowow Wrote: Easy access to world buffs.

(01-30-2018, 09:30 AM)Blazeretrowow Wrote: No different than me getting them via traditional methods and leaving my chars logged off for months until I have a good group to power through Wink

That's how you do it and i know there is other few other people that do the same but doing it just for 1% of the pop and to let other 99% abuse ain't good, just keep it the way it is becuase i don't want a 12k hp warr every bg and 99% crit chance and 3k dmg as non crit.... so yeh pls keep like this.

(01-29-2018, 08:32 AM)Blazeretrowow Wrote: Easy access to world buffs.

(01-31-2018, 12:51 AM)Blazeretrowow Wrote: N££D BUFFZ

U bearly pleeey here meng u donz need shiet  Sleepy

I think this could be an interesting idea that will lead to the area becoming kind of a second mall but with pvp due to the attractivity it will have, a mall without afk's but alive:

what if there is a mob with a lot of hp (say 15k) that run around the area (to avoid camping) with a long respawn (so that no one knows when he is up) that drops X (maybe 400) number of gold to each member of the group that killed it, that can't be killed by only one player but at least 2 (so the area force players to group wich will improve the fun imo but objectively improve the community feeling of the realm).

With the long respawn (maybe 2h) no one will know when he spawns, and since it only takes 2 men to get these 400g, progressively, almost everyone will hear about that opportunity to get these 400g by only killing a mob with 15k hp.
Since the kill last at least 1min, it's seriously worth going there and try to kill it.

But everyone will go there at some point, so other teams will prevent you to get the kill, and since the mob got 30k hp, you will have serious difficulty to kill him while others are attacking you.
And in the long term, the area will become crowded with team, no one will be able to get the mob (except in low pop time).
But at peak time, people will group up and try to get him and won't be able to.
That's a sadistic feature because they think they do, but they can't (lol).
they see the actually 400g mob running in front of them but can't finish him or even pull him, by fear of other teams attacking them at that moment.

That's how it will happen.

The key point of that feature is the unknown variable that is the respawn time.
Noone knows when prince Nazjak respawn exactly so people go in arathi to look for tidal at randoms time.
People will do the same for the 400g reward they can have.

With the wsg master in that area, I believe this feature will make of azhara crater a unique place to go to, a bit like a daily quest, but that can't be done because of the population of the area.
First of all, I really like the place, and I think it could become great with much activity on a daily basis if there are some fun and different features than elsewhere on the server (like you have been trying to implement, Bam) - and if it is advertised thoroughly!

+1 for Sunqt's suggestion. Although I think the perks should be more than 400g. Something that matters. Maybe some gold and some bags potentially with flasks in it.

In addition to that, the most important thing for me is that the features remain somewhat consistent so there are always something to do. At least the BG buffs should not change too much. Choose which ones to have (bezerking and sprint most important in my opinion) and let it be like that for some time to see how it works.

The stair case events with buffs on the top have been very fun too. The perks (similar to Sunqt's suggestion) is a great way to maintain high populations. But of course they have to change from time to time to avoid players exploiting it.

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