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WSG Abuse
Name: Calasadurid 
Bug abusing, sitting behind invis wall and its almost impossible to reach if you dont know how to get up there. Keep in mind this is WITH flag and he tried to go for a cap when we dropped the flag (we being the alliance in this bg). He jumped down like there was no wall there. Tried to get there to kill him myself cus ranged couldnt do anything, cus he was always out of light of sight. Please get this guy out, as well as his alts. Toxic and bug abusing.
Proof:       and     

Edit; first picture I was trying to get there and I just fell down, as you can(t) see.

Edit 2. Can we also get a banhammer on ALL of Xonar(rd)'s accounts? If you check world chat a few times, you'll see what im talking about. Every char and every day the same shit talk.
Thanks for reporting!

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