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WSG Abuse
I don't have screenshots as the other reporter did, but Stormxx (shaman) has been using the invisible walls above the base doorways in many WSGs and this has ultimately been a deciding factor in the game in each of those instances.

His excuse: "Just because you can't get up here doesn't mean it's an exploit." That's a laughable excuse, as if it's intended to be able to hide behind an invisible wall and be invulnerable from attacks until someone jumps behind said wall with you.

Prior to them being fixed in vanilla, these "clever use of game mechanics" were bannable offenses when caught. While I am not sure Stormxx deserves to be banned immediately, I think a warning to him that any further reports could result in the consequence is warranted. He is a solid player outside of this, and the games have been very close and entertaining when these exploits are not being enacted.

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