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Abusing Wiping Raid
I invited Phrantic cuz I was LFM in the world chat i didnt really knew him before , and I regret it so much cuz he wiped us on Thadius he was below me on the DPS metter [I am the tank] , so i kicked him and he went offline later he came back , invited his alt , and start blocking our ID , and wiped us multiple times the following image shows him wiping my raid ,  please ppls like him should not get away unpunished .
no i didnt blocked the ID, i was asking to a GM for reset mine. Dont lie, you still was asking for a 5rd player when i was inside, then i left after less than 5minutes..

+ You insulted me on the world chat and harassed me, i was friendly with you, i made apologizes and left the raid..
+ i didnt invited my alt dont lie
+ wiped us multiple times, liar. We wiped one time because of me, then i left

Quote:he wiped us on Thadius he was below me on the DPS metter [I am the tank]"
yeah my dps was low i got irl problem and i left, so what? you insulted me on the world chat after that "Phrantic whore garbage i dps more than him" "low dps asshole etc" you made a macro and spamed it for like 30 min.

You are toxic. I m on this server since 3 years, friendly with everyone, never got any problem with people.
You are muted. Do the same and stop insulting people because they have low dps. Leave me alone, and don't harass me anymore. i want to play quietly.

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