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Ironfoe and other dungeon epics
On retro-wow's ptr and regular there should be a vendor to sell dungeon epics that drop such as Ironfoe and Felstriker. It would help a lot with people testing different stuff and add in new items.
PTR maybe (the addition of R12/R13/R14 PVP gear vendor would be nice on PTR), but shit like felstriker is actually a viable weapon up til a certain point (like when u start doing bwl runs). 3 garunteed crits is nothing to scoff at.. The drop rates on world epics is already really high on this server, I've gotten stuff like stockade spauldrons and cloudkeeper legplates just killing mobs around blackrock mountain and the outside of zul gurub.
not 3 crits.
for 3 sec all attacks are crits and 100% hits.

"Chance on hit: All attacks are guaranteed to land and will be critical strikes for the next 3 sec."

Both of those items are very easy to obtain. Ironfoe is a little more tedious but still easy.

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