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Owewoae donor bashing/talking sh*t
1. Character name: Owewoae 
2. Reason: Donorbashing, talking shit, spamming cus I wont duel him, cus obv. im better than him. And also cus im "pay2win" and a "fucking donator". Tornado also joined on this donorbashing thing. 
3. Proof(Screenshot, video):
three photos in 1 place. Just to clarify, Owae(thisnameissoannoyingtowrite) has been talking shit / harrasing me on and off the last week. I havent reported him cus it was minor shit like "come duel nub" etc and he started this again today, but then continued to call me out in world chat (altho with fame comes hate) and as you can see in the screenshots, donorbashing from Owaowaowo and his dear friend Tornado, just bcuz I declined a duel.

Report accepted.

Closed thread.

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