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gm pls help me its not a big deal to do this

Please help if i try to get quest for "Head of Nefarian" it tells me im already on quest and im not in it, and i dont have any item considered to the quest (aka neck, ring, offhand) i searched the whole bank and bags didnt found any, can you please help me i need the ring can even trade you for the proof that i have head, and send you a screenshot of my bank, bags, inspect that i dont have (neck, ring, offhand) whisper me for more info im online all the day.

you have maybe the wrong head ?!
from other faction?
cus in crossfaction groups this happens often.


After some investigation we found out that ashbringer is a faggot item. Also, nice keybinds.

Respectfully, Chargekillx.
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