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Raiding help
Hello there!

I have a question concering this servers raiding. If I wanted to raid these 5 man raids with 6 people, is it possible? Just to convert regular party into raid group. Could I?

/edit : If I start playing with me + 5 of my friends (Total 6 player raid/party), are we able to run any other instances also with 6 people or are there any other places we could collect raiding gear?

Thanks in advance

no its not possible with 6 or more ppl.
You can go mc/bwl/zg/aq20 with the starter gear if you pick pre raid BiS.
You can try aq40 also. Its possible with starter gear, but you need some skill and maybe potion.
then at last naxx.
You can also do PvP for gold and token and buy naxxgear or with token rank 14 gear.

sry for bad english.

Thank you for your help!

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