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Free naxx carries :D
Hi most people know me for just being afk in arena and being a bit toxic but thats me some people dont know i have a bis fury war/tank which i do naxx with to get the gear i have.

I'm offering 1 carry per week due to full run naxx being boring (done it alot) and this is my way of giving back to the community! 

If you wish to get this carry just post ur character name and an Imgur of how badly geared u are and why you deserve this 

IDK if people will post on this but ey im just tryin to be nice!
[Image: pctod]

my name is Calder

Most dps on server pve cuz i suck at pvp
killed kt server 1st 10 mins of release
did full naxx in 30 mins

lf boost??
[Image: SZSbk12.jpg]
If you bringing only 500 dps then u are not carryin! You being CARRIED!

Damn this is awfully nice of you! I actually just joined the server yesterday! So I only have the free pre-raid gear Sad I would really appreciate any kind of carry! I have a Shadowpriest and a Warrior Tank - I can obviously respec to whatever might be needed Smile
Hello Asriel here. I will help with carries as well! Whisper me in game anytime!
Mercader for president<3
^on drugs
Running any today? Smile
Are these carries still going on? I'd love to get some gear. I think I can pull my own weight to some extent as well. I don't die to mechanics.
If you are still doing this carries, my name is Kushiro Smile

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