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New Player question , Razorgore the Untamed BWL
Hello everyone, new player here and really enjoying playing with all of you in this server!

I recently rolled a paladin and i've been raiding for about a week now. My gear is not great, but i started with pre-raid bis and have aquired around 5-6 good pieces from raiding and i can carry my own weight in raids.

What i'd like for you guys is to adress some questions that i have but also, and more importantly, adress the common mistakes people do in bwl pugs at this boss and ways to avoid them (i have noticed extreme frustration coming from the more experienced players who often lash out and flame groups after a single wipe, so it's obvious lots of people wipe there very frequently)

For example, for me personally Ive noticed that players will sometimes position themselves away from the boss,  during the fight, but also out of range of my heals or in the worst cases completely out of line of sight which forces me to move around instead of healing and waste time and/or distract me from the more important things (and can easily cause a wipe)

So my question, as a holy paladin being a healer in this fight, is  what do i do to prevent a wipe from happening after getting burning adrenaline?.
My hp is laughable of course since i don't have well rounded gear with +stamina yet, but is it possible to survive it?
I mean , i could always spend my vote points on a flask for more hp, but would it make a difference?

And last question, does threat play a role in terms of triggering the debuff on me? Could i maybe use blessing of salvation on myself while others generate normal threat? Is there any relevant tactic to better manage the situation?

Thanks in advance
The debuff is random and your threat has nothing to do with it...
And no as healer there is nothing you can do. Only thing can help you getting good DPS thats the only way to do it, it's not about heals. This boss will keep debuffing each one of you untill you kill it so it's either you die or him and there is a time to do it otherwise it's a wipe.

The player that gets burning adrenaline is not entirely random. There are some restrictions, but if you are unlucky and the healer get the first, you only can wipe and try again, until healer is not getting the first.

Burning Adrenaline is applied every 15 seconds to a randon player with mana but not the current tank. Every third debuff always goes to the current tank (@ 45 sec).

So if you play with lets say 2 warriors, 1 rogue, 1 mage and you as random class healer. You will have a 50% chance to get the 1st debuff and if you were lucky the first time, you will have 100% to get the second one, because you are the only legal target left in the group.

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