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Xonard (:
Name: Xonard
Reason: So im pretty done with this guy. Everytime he logs, he talks shit. 
Cure the disease from the server tyvm.
Context on the lower part of the screenies. He said to someone "you have to pay ass to get my gold" WTF.IS.THIS. And the last screen; randomly talking shit in /world after trashtalking me cus he doesnt know any better apparently. This is the biggest disease on the server. Everyone knows it and I bet everyone has atleast 10 screenshots of this "guy" just being toxic and an ass to everyone on the server. No wonder starters leave when people like this doesnt even get touched. Also, ill quote xonards post a while ago: 

",i am 41 year old man and he is 16 year old child im just wondering where are his parents to learn him to be polite" and "e,i never insulted any retro wow player,so they should learn to be polite and be good person like rest of retro wow players."

I think karma has waited long enough for this manchild.

Thank you for the report.

Closed thread.

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