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ban appeal
One of your characters from the banned account: Exemplis
Ban Reason: rule 9
Information about your ban: Defending my self against a toxic player aka Glitcher aka Oweowae etc etc. 
Additional Information: Uncalled for. the "insults" arent even insults. The fact that hes toxic is just a clear fact, every person on this server knows it.  and the "fucking trashcan player" = minor insult. The ban was uncalled for. First time ive ever gotten banned here and never even gotten a warning. Lol.
And no explanation to why my 1. thread was deleted and my 2. was just linked to your template. No answer to my question, why?

@Ossirian did I get it right now or did I miss smth this time?
^on drugs

Your account was banned for breaking rule 9, and a 12H ban can be taken as a warning.
Maybe, by your consideration, those words are not insults, but according to my knowledge, common behavior, and rules and regulations this project follows, they are. We are not obligated to provide answers to your questions, but you are obligated to follow rules and regulations the moment you log into RetroWoW. By spending several hours each day online, i know whos who, but i know as well, that community is aware of his behavior, and that is why i see people provoking him on daily basis.

Your thread was deleted because you didn't follow the template, and your thread was marked as "spam".

I hope all your questions received answers this time.

Ban appeal declined.

Thread closed.

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