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My character is bugged!!
Hi, i'm still fairly new to server and i was just playing along like everyone else and then i joined an AQ20 group the other night and in the 2nd boss room i got a WoW error. Ever since then my Shaman < Siznationz > cant use a mailbox or anything. So i logged into my other chars and everything worked just fine, after all that i logged into my shaman again and tried mailing my gold over to my mage. So i tested out more like i disabled all my addons , deleted WTF and WDB folders , i even downloaded a whole new client off of the Retro-WoW ( how to connect page ) and it still didnt let my shaman do anything so i made a new shaman and everything is working just fine it. 

So my question is, is there anything you can do? Like it was my PvP char i had the attunment quests done i had a bunch of warsong gulch marks and i just had bought the 1 hand spell mace from Nefarion for 4k gold. 

Thanks for reading this post and hopefully there is somthing you can do to help me. Erfalis Big Grin

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