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everyone fav player (refering to Sam's post)
"Reports against me are only by one guy called exemplis who got banned before on all accs,and they dont make any sense,i giveaway gold every week to starter players and i help every player on sever who is good like a person,if i gave those toxic players gold they would be acting friendly same day,and there would be no hate,lot of players respect me so shut up stop spreading false informations,my guild mates can confirm"

Xonard, if you dont like me, then keep me on ur ignorelist and stop the fucking bullshit. Ask a GM if my IP has been active before I started here and also, you need to stop this god damn child act of yours with "name whispered me begging for gold poor kid" its like every damn day and its getting dull. Dont you have anything else to do in your life as a 41 year old dude? Oh wait, youre probably 12.

If lots of people respect you, why do you a. talk so much shit in world. b. being a racist (sadly didnt screenshot this yesterday). c. STILL KEEP MENTION MY FUCKING NAME? I honestly have you ignored on all of my chars cus you go out of ur wayyyyyyyyyyy to annoy people on retro and all you get is a slap on the wrist. I mean holy shit, even Owe isnt this toxic, which is saying alot. If you want to get 'liked' on this server, maybe you should shut your mouth and keep your small dick in your pants cus nobody gives a damn. Id make a poll on "Likes xonard / doesnt like xonard" but what the hell is the point? We all know the answers.

Forgot this: "he used to spam me from lot of different chars,trying to trigger me,my freaking ignore list got full cant ignore him but its not happening only to me,it happens to rest players,anyone can confirm this,he is that nubkek/shrekmejster who got banned on all accs but hes back now."
First off, I whispered to ask you what your issues was, cus you clearly have more than 1. You have me on ignore, its just that you remove me from ignore to talk shit /spit /emote. Again, prove that I am this "nubkek shrekmejster" piss and ill admit it, but we all know you cant prove anything in your life. Try try again, and harder. Piss off with your random context in a report you didnt even report me on.

my 5 cent.
^on drugs
And honestly, You can't expect an entire server to ignore him, that just bias. @xonarbzz you can't but peoples respect or friendship, considering what you said on Sam's post. This is just 2 dull. I've contacted Kelzo, Not only on this matter.
^on drugs
drama should stay in world chat
[Image: pctod]
Sure should, cus who gets banned? Those who 'provoke' them
Legit reason
^on drugs
You need to get our small head out of ur own ass. Compulsive lil liar child.
Also, youre the only 1 I hate om retro. Cus ur a pos. Fake reports, when screenies are real its not fake u dumb child.
^on drugs

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