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I got randomly banned
So I didn't know how to get to Tanaris on this server so I went to the profession area (located in Tanaris) and attempted to corpse run all the way to Tanaris to hand in my eye of C'thun quest, on the way there I got disconnected randomly so I thought nothing of it, it happened again and I just logged back in (again thinking nothing of it) and then it logs me out a third time and when I put in my password it says my account has been banned and on the retro-wow site it says that I was banned for being "Detected by Anti-Cheat". Even though I was just trying to get to Tanaris... Please unban me. I've been enjoying this server for a while now and really want to get back to playing my characters. I posted this on the bug reports page on GitHub as well and haven't heard anything in two days of being banned so far.

Thanks - Threedawg
Post this in ban appeals silly. Also use the quest box and port to ogres if you need to get to tanaris

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