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One of my Characters: Kebabs
Ban Reason: Insulting the server
Information about Ban: Well I have had a bit too much to drink and got way too heated after a WSG loss and started insulting the server. The Ban is obviously justified and Its now come to my understanding that it is a permanent account ban. Having spent probably nearly 2 years on this server I thought I would have a go at trying for an appeal. I am very sorry for what I said and obviously having dedicated 2 years on this server i do not actually mean any of my insults, again I was heated and being stupid. Either way I understand if you choose to follow through with permanent ban.

While I can understand having become indisposed of your better judgement this kind of behavior however is not tolerated here at Retro-WoW. Given the circumstances I have decided to suspend your account for 10 days from this point.

    GM BAM

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