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Ban Appeal
One of your characters from the banned account: Cancerrman

Ban Reason: "Multiboxing"

Information about your ban: I was ressing a group members alt so he could loot Nef and get some gear on an alt since the whole group left and he could not pass surpression.

Additional Information: I knew multiboxing was a no no but i did not think what i was doing was considered multi boxing from helping another players alt get to the last boss of BWL after it was cleared. I was wrong and i admit it now that i know the facts but i like this server a lot and would appreciate a ban appeal so i could continue playing on it.

Acc name Wooddakid

Your ban appeal is declined, because the ban is not permanent. You also received an explanation about the duration of your ban, and why it happened.

Ban appeal declined, and thread closed.

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