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C'Thun - Release
Dear Players,

C'thun will be released at 7PM (Server Time) 11 September 2015!

[Image: latest?cb=20060314120737]'Thun_(tactics)

Some usefull info (RetroWoW Script)(Phase 2):
- There is ONE Flesh Tentacle in the stomach which has 15000 HP. Killing the Flesh Tentacle weakens C'Thun, causing it to turn purple and become vulnerable for 45 seconds.
- If the whole party (group) is in the stomach = WIPE.
- Digestive Acid does a hefty amount of nature damage. The debuff reapplies itself about every 4 seconds, and can stack multiple times; after 20 seconds of being inside the stomach, you will have about 5 debuffs. Digestive Acid will get removed by exiting the stomach or exiting AQ40.

RetroWoW Staff
C'Thun has been released!

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