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Excessive spaming on world chat.
1. Character name:Femaleirl(Xonarb)
2. Reason:Excessive spaming on world chat
3. Proof(Screenshot, video):
(left out alot more with pretty much the same pattern of behaviour)

World chat was swarmed by this copy paste by Femalirl coupled with generaly abnoxious statements/rants and profanity for at least 15-20 minutes. (at which point i could't stand it any longer and started this post.) 

This began and was triggered by a geniune post by an officer of another guild (deadly), who was promoting/recruiting for his guild. 

Femaleirl would spam his copy-paste twice over him, to try to mute the legitimate recruiter, and went on to ridicule him which constitutes as straight-forward bullying towards that player and prevented him from acomplicing his goal. This not only made the gaming experience a nightmare for that specific player but the rest of the players who rely on world chat (sale/trading and group/raiding) and were online at that time. 

It very much spiralled instanly into an unbearable display of egocentric occupation (and domination) of the world chat for a long period of time by this person (Xonarb?) in a fashion that is unacceptable and which should never be allowed to happen and especially continue for that long. It was infuriating
Not to be critical dude, but /ignore works wonders. Most people who are annoyed by his antics have probably done so already.

Thank you for the report.

Closed thread.

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