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Ban appeal
One of your characters from the banned account: Blacksound

Ban Reason: 
Rule 11) Using any kind of bugs, exploits or abusing the terrain

Information about your ban:
I had just joined a Naxx raid that was set up by some members from a guild i just joined, to help them out at Anub'Rekan.
They were in a hurry from what i understood so i agreed to help , even though i don't need gear from Naxxramas anymore.

They went straight ahead and attempted to kill the adds before taking on Anub, which is indeed an exploit, but i don't think they were even aware of it being one
They probably though it was a legitimate trick you could do to make your life easier, and if you were to inspect them ,you'd know from their gear that they were not experienced Naxxramas raiders , just new-ish players progressing throught it and that is was probably an honest mistake.

On the other hand , myself - who knew this was an exploit - do not endorse this kind of gameplay and never do it when i raid. (Why whould I anyway, it's just 2 mobs that die in 20-30 seconds and you can even cc them using paladin fear) 

Well to be frank I really didn't have much choice or say on the matter since it was rushed through and i had no choice but be present while it was happening - and then BOOM: Disconnected and banned. 
Whitout any chance to react or object. How is that fair towards me?

Additional Information:

I'm not a cheater and certainly do not endorse this type of gameplay. Naxxramas is supposed to be the pinnacle of raiding in our server and i always welcome the challenge; that's why i agreed to 4man Anub in the first place, with an undergeared/inexperienced group I hardly knew - when i could be doing BiS runs with people who like cut corners and prefer to have it easy.

Also , and more importantly, i feel my party-mates are not either. At least not to their knowledge - I don't think their intention was to cheat. Lots and lots of pugs with randoms use these types of exploints and people that are new can be led to believe that it's actually how you normally do things and that they are legitimate ways to beat bosses.

I think the appeal of player "Nausto" is evidence of this. Before the doors were closed he mentioned to me that he hasn't done this boss before, and I was in the proccess of explaining him the tactics and the different phases that take place in this encounter, what to expect and what to do in relation to that - and then the doors closed and we were disconnect shortly after. He had absolutely no idea what was going on basically.

If you choose to not uplift the ban so be it. I will live with it even though i strongly disagree with everything about how this was executed even if you do not take the context into consideration - which you absolutelly shouldn't. 
This is not how these situation should be dealt with. I think it's unfair to most of the players involved - those who did not have a say or didn't have time to react and those who were not aware they were part of an attempt to break rule 11.

Ban will be lifted after 48 hours.

Closed thread.

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