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Why no Arathi Basin ?

I noticed after a while playing on this server that everyone is playing WSG. Now it is cool and everything I like pvp but why people won't play arathi basin. It's much more fun.
There should be an incentive to join AB. Maybe the GMs can increase the token numbers in AB you get for a kill (double ? )  or get extra pvp tokens if you finish the game and your team won, you get extra pvp token, also if you lose you get some too, but not as many ofc. Or even Double AB marks too.

I think something must be done to make AB regular as WSG. 

Thank you.
nobody que Arathi. Thats the problem....
Sometimes arathi pop. but not often.

The 'Marks of Honor' quest for redeeming Arathi Basin Tokens of Honor has had its reward increased by 200 gold. Making the total reward for redemption 1200 gold. Unfortunately, if players don't seem to wish to queue for the battleground there is not much else the staff can do to influence them.
(05-17-2018, 09:30 AM)BAM Wrote: The 'Marks of Honor' quest for redeeming Arathi Basin Tokens of Honor has had its reward increased by 200 gold. Making the total reward for redemption 1200 gold. Unfortunately, if players don't seem to wish to queue for the battleground there is not much else the staff can do to influence them.

Maybe 200 gold isn't that much. Those who pvp like pvp stuff. The incentive should be more pvp tokens per kill, like I said or pvp token
Maybe test it for a week or two, see if ppl are interested in more pvp tokens, or maybe AB is "boring" and ppl like mass gange-rape stype pvp. Team up and rape. If this is the case then a 2x pvp token is a viable option to consider, better then gold.
Just my 2 cent here.

Take care.
To be fair I think having some variation in the Battlegrounds would be nice. I know several players who have said they are "bored" of just Wsgs. However, ABs do occasionally appear.
I think an incentive would be nice. Perhaps there could be a more competitive element in AB where by players are more inclined to play it. (Whether this be a new separate ranking system, more points for the current ranking system, or just more gold in general). Or perhaps even a Guild vs Guild AB and Guilds can obtain special perks such as access to tabards or mounts or something. Idk, just trying to create ideas.
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Just always que both.

(05-17-2018, 11:25 PM)Flupp Wrote: Just always que both.


I always que both. When AB pops up I always join with joy. But most if not all the time AB closes due to shortage of players after a few minutes.
I think we really need to make pvp more diverse cuz its way to much fun, and this is a great server to enjoy pvp.
-frequency of fights is very low, and because you have a reward called pvp tokens on retrowow, people are frustrated to have to wait longer to fight
-big map so harder pvp token farm
-individual effort to play as a team is required to farm pvp tokens
-individual effort to play as a team is required to win the bg

-high frequency of teamfight, so the feeling of faster pvp token farming
-easier pvp token farm (smaller map and no need to wait in a base like in ab, so you always in movement and looking for targets / you can farm alone because of people don't have to stay as a team in both side of a wsg to win)
-individual effort to play as a team is not required to win the bg

the thing is you have one bg that requires you to make an actual effort to be rewarded, and even if that reward might be a bit better, players usually choose the easiest way.
Even if the content that requires effort is a bit more interesting rewarding wise ..

i was saying earlier pvp tokens is the most attractive reward, it is indeed.
It's a very simple system that people intuitively understand and feel while playing: you kill you get something.
Because of that very efficient reward system, people are kind of addicted to it, and you can clearly see how most people farm mid in wsg for those tokens even though trying to win the warsong for the 3 wsg mark is more rewarding in the long term.

That pvp token system not only reduce the quality of bg's by inciting player to have a solo gameplay with tunnel vision, but also makes any other bg that have a low frequency of fights less interesting in player's eyes. Even if that bg is an interesting way to change the routine and is also more rewarding gold wise.
So I think I have a solution for the problem.

GMs need to take a look at the total average pvp token earned per match in WSG. Divede it with the average wsg duration and you get a "token per minute" result. Lets say its 3 token per minute.
Now do the same for AB (if you have some data ofc) Let say the rezult is 1.5.
Now what you need it to increase the pvp token reward in AB at 2x or 3x maybe so you get something similar to WSG. So it doesent mater where you farm by the end of the day you get the same outcome.
Maybe GMs can do a test. Alert the pllayerbase. Test this for 2-3 weeks look a the result compare it adjust it. So in the end you get the same result with different experience. I think this will make the server better and more attractive.
way too complicated and not worth it imo mate, because there is something u can't change; it's the frequency of pvp tokens u get in each bg

in wsg that frequency is the highest because of the size of the map and the nature of the objective that doesn't require you to wait in the base and just wait most of the time

I believe one answer could be to put pvp tokens in one specific bg. Either ab, wsg or av. Av being the best choice to increase the low proc rate that bg will probbaly have once it's released. Av will be released with the new core in a few weeks now

indeed, having pvp tokens AND mark of wsg/ab as 2 different rewards just makes things unbalance between bg's and highly reduce the quality of these contents.
Vanilla pvp is about team play, and having half the team's goal being split between 2 goals is an anti-productive reward system.

Having pvp tokens in one specific bg will make the 2 other bg's way more interesting because the only way of being rewarded in these bg's will be to play the objective and to communicate, but it will also not discriminate one bg over the other because the difference in the pvp token farming will not be an isse. And since you have a higher gold reward in ab to compensate the time being a bit longer overall in ab than in wsg; both bg's will proc at about the same rate.

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