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Ban Appeal
Hey Retrowow/GM,

One of your characters from the banned account: Pantertje

Ban Reason: Rule 11) Teleport hack

Information about your ban: Anti-Cheat: Oh noes! <teleport> hack Detected, This will be logged and ispected by staff shortly.

Additional Information:
My char : Pantertje got stuck under water, when i was searching for the trinket Tidal Charm.
So i logged off. When i logged back on it. I was flying on a flypatch underwater?
And then a few minutes i got dc. So i logged back on it and was doing again.. so after the 3 time he did it again and i got a messengd that i'm bannend because i was fly hacking?

Thnx greatz, Pantertje!

Your account is not banned.

Closed thread.

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