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Fury war
What do you think about two handed fury for pve?
Try it and youll see it sucks. Its more of leveling spec then anything else.
it's pretty good, but you need windfury and you need to use slam properly.

take 5/5 imp slam instead of blood craze and imp execute-

using slam "properly" just means not losing time on your swingtimer when you slam. in other words, you want to start a slam cast just after one of your autos hits. example combat log parse-

seconds:milliseconds, assuming 100 ping

00:00 You crit Patchwerk for 2038.
00:01 Your Bloodthirst crits Patchwerk for 3560.
03:80 Your Heroic Strike crits Patchwerk for 2422.
03:81 You begin to cast Slam.
05:31 Your Slam crits Patchwerk for 2201.
05:32 Your Whirlwind hits Patchwerk for 1080.
09:11 Your Heroic Strike crits Patchwerk for 2383.
09:12 You begin to cast Slam.

a swingtimer addon helps a lot with correct slam usage.

i do think it's worse than dw fury, but it's not a meme spec by any means and it's pretty fun to play. your theoretical dps is still 2nd highest in the game, behind only dw fury.
Is furry warrior with 2h viable or stick with 2x one handed ?

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