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I'm fat, need advice
Hi there fellow retro wow players!

I'm going to write a personal story here about my size, hoping I can get some advice or make this a place where other fat people can share their story. This might not be the best place to get good advice but ah well.. here we go

Let me start of by saying I feel insecure about my body. All I want to do is eat, live and enjoy my time in this world. I should be in the prime of my life but every time I move, every time I walk, run or anything, my fat just wobbles around and get out of breath easily. I just can't stop eating. All I want is to be fit, but I just love food so much. I'm ashamed to talk to other people about this so that's why i ask here. I tried running, diets, etc.. nothing works. Anyone experienced the same thing and got fitter?

Here's a pic of me from my front side in my underwear (NSFW). yes i blurred my face weirdos but please don't laugh ok, as i said i'm very insecure about my body

picture of me (NSFW)

thanks in advance, i know this is a weird place to talk about this stuff but please share ur stories and to the others: dont fat shame the people here ingame afterwards.
Ouro buddy, you be you. (btw this was really funny)

start slowly.
Try to drink only water or drinks without calories.
Before every meal, try to trink 0,5-1 liter water.
With sport its faster. but no need if you dont want.
Than change food, like whole grain bread instead of white bread.
If possible dont buy fastfood. Cook for yourself, than you can better control.
Try a foodplan.

sry for bad english. :/

Intermittent Fasting ; Eat in an 8 hour window everyday and fast for 16 hours afterwards. The fasting period will give your body the time it needs to assimilate and digest what you ate and discard the unnecessary. Start with that, eat w/e you want during the 8 hour window. I think naturally your body will start guiding you towards food that it knows will keep you going for a while ; fiber rich foods, healthy fats and protein.

For me that means I eat breakfast 4 hours after I wake up > 8hrs eating window > 4hour fast before bed > 8hrs sleep
I think it's the easiest thing to do to start controlling your cravings and regulating your body. You will start seeing weight loss result rather quickly and you will reach a better hormonal balance from it.

If that's to hard, but I really recommend trying it for at least two weeks, try and orient your diet towards slow digesting carbs. We don't want to put you on a "diet" where you restrict your caloric intake, because that's boring and destructive imo. Just go for fiber rich source of carbs, so brown rice instead of white rice, lentils, beans, oats etc...
Check out "Slow Carbs" and base your meals on these sources of calories. Obviously that means avoiding white bread, sugar, chips etc... but you will quickly find that all these cravings come from the habit of eating these things and once you stop giving in to those cravings and they really come back ( I found intermittent fasting to help here ).

So, I suggest you start with narrowing your eating time window to 8 hours, don't change anything to your diet at first, take it easy one step at a time. Once you feel you've got the 8:16 window down maybe start changing your diet : slow digesting carbohydrates and healthy fats/protein in your meals.

am very hungover so this might not be so coherent and i'm too lazy to read myself, but I hope it helps.. I might edit this tomorrow or something.
The real advice here is sweet.
Wtf lmao
I get the feeling that many did not follow the link to your self-portrait.
1 week on metamphetamine and consider yourself with -5-10 kilos
Want to lose weight?

Come over here to Africa, where eating is a "want" not a "need". 

Plus you will be highly stressed, you will lose weight even faster.

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