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Pugged Onyxia with Starters
After the outcry of players in world saying it is impossible to PuG, I wanted to put myself in their shoes.

I Pugged Onyxia with starters, including my new paladin (armoury link:

Our original group consisted of a warlock, spriest, mage, myself (holy paladin) and obviously a tank. Our first attempt was poor, second was way better but aggro problems in phase 3 wiped us twice. After that, two players DC'd. Our tank and our mage wanted to continue so I went back to world chat. Took about 10 minutes but I found two replacements. 

Our new group consisted of the same warrior and mage with a brand new hunter and d2 geared rogue. 

Despite having to replace two people, the run still only took just over an hour. Now, I know that does seem slow for Onyxia, however this included explaining the fight to two members that never did the fight. Having two people DC. Then recruiting two more players, explaining the fight again and completing it on our first attempt. Our warrior took the reins and did a great job explaining everything to the new players. 

The attempt was rocky to say the least, but it was our hunter's first run of Ony and one of our dps was a rogue (can't do a whole lot during phase 2). Our phase 2 took awhile, but I was able to keep around 50% mana. 

Phase three was dicey, but we persevered. Heals got more desperate, but it was fun clinging on with 5% mana for over a minute, I really wanted to test it, I didn't use a single consumable. 

Basically, I won't argue that the raids are much more challenging but to be honest the experience was fun. I really had to try in my starter gear to make it work - and well it did. 

Luckily for me, the Judgment Crown dropped, so the hour of work was rewarded. 

If you're new, keep your chin up. I plan on Pugging raids a bit more frequently, if you see me LFM (looking for more) feel free to whisper me.
It was longer than 10 minutes, I timed your disconnect via ctRaid.

I'm sorry I didn't want longer but you have to understand if you disconnect you are wasting four other players time. But that being said I will continue to raid with you. If you see me LFM in world feel free to whisper me.

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